The Network

Empower residents to start their own small businesses.

THRIVE: The Hope, Respect, Innovation, and Value of Entrepreneurship

The THRIVE Network was established in 2015 out of the necessity for community revitalization due to growing impoverishment.

Our mission objective is simple: Empower residents to start their own small businesses and revitalize our at-risk community from the inside out. We achieve this goal through educating those within communities to see their problems as economic opportunities, and providing a framework to launch small businesses to address those needs.

Our Elevator Pitch - THRIVE is a non-profit organization that uses entrepreneurship as a economic and community development tool to restore prosperity to at risk communities. Thrive focuses on developing new entrepreneurs as well as better equipping the current entrepreneurial culture in the community by teaching and helping develop skillsets needed to maintain success in all stages of business.

The THRIVE Network program takes entrepreneurs in all stages of business through a one-year intensive program that provides them with hands-on EDUCATION, MENTORSHIP, NETWORKING, and SCHOLARSHIPS. From the conception of an idea to its formation, growth and expansion, our program is designed to help entrepreneurs through struggles that arise in the first years of business ownership, ensuring longevity and success.

In 2018 THRIVE Network was awarded the Transforming Safety Grant Award from the Criminal Justice Reform Coalition. Taj Stokes, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of THRIVE, was named the community voice for Southeast Colorado Springs. THRIVE has now introduced (blank) new entrepreneurs/business owners into the community and aiding in creating (blank) amount of jobs, with the expectation of an additional (blank) new social impact concepts by the summer of 2019. Community involvement from our city’s leaders is pertinent to the revitalization project now more than ever, and we thank you for your aid in supporting this vision of opportunity and economic grow.

Creating opportunities for at-risk communities means less crime, lower incarceration rates, and a better economy.
By raising household incomes we can reduce crime rates in the community.
When household incomes increase from less than $7,500 to $25,000 domestic violence rates are reduced by over 51%.

If you can’t find a job, make a job!
- Taj Stokes

THRIVE is dedicated to helping those formerly incarcerated thrive in their communities by learning new trades with partnered businesses or by becoming entrepreneurs themselves.




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225 N. Weber St., Colorado Springs, CO, U.S.