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Our Mission

Engaging, Educating and Empowering Individuals to Unlock Their Potential, Build Resilient Businesses and Strengthen Under Resourced Communities Through Entrepreneurship.

The Thrive Networks is deeply rooted in the community, formed out of a need identified by the community members of Southeast Colorado Springs. We firmly believe that successful businesses are a direct pathway to building generational, wealth, and circulation of money within our most needed communities. These factors create a significant decrease in economic disparities, allowing us to build thriving communities.


The Problem

Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool to build both individual and community prosperity. But, the barriers in under resourced communities often times block the pathway to business ownership. This ultimately results in an inequitable opportunity for the economic inclusion as well as a poorly diversified economy.

The Solution

Empower residents to start their own small business and revitalize our at-risk communities from the inside out. We teach those in under resourced communities to see their problems as opportunities and provide them with the framework to launch small businesses to address those needs.

Thank You to Our Supporters

We are able to do this important work because of the support from our Program Sponsors and Community Partners. See our full list of community shapers, eco-system builders, game changers, and all around awesome network (and how you can join too) >> HERE

Empower your community by investing in its potential, fostering a legacy of positive impact that resonates across generations.

From Our Executive Director

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