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I have learned so much in such a short time with Thrive Network, from networking to accounting. The staff at Thrive are always willing to meet with me help me and they genuinely want to see me succeed. I have registered my business, got my logo, and I’m inspired every week to keep going and make my business more than a dream but a reality.

Starr Cuyler

Precious Cargo Childcare

Thrive gave me the courage to embrace my destiny and believe I could make my vision a reality. Understanding my strengths and giving myself permission to outsource what I cannot do well gives me the confidence to move my vision forward. I will forever be grateful for the investment Thrive made in me and ultimately the community! The Thrive Network will forever be my family and trusted friends.

Jackie Jaramillo

Owner of Latina Equity Foundation

Since the completion of the Thrive program my business revenue has almost tripled. I gained so many amazing tools about money management and how to properly invest in my business. I was taught skills about systems and ways to develop and scale my business to the next level. In just one year I have gone from a few residential clients to multiple commercial contracts. Though all of this is incredible, I would have to say the best thing about Thrive is the amazing supportive network that comes along with being a part of Thrive. You have a team of people on board with you that continues to support you even after you graduated. My instructor and Cohorts have also invested in my business and used my services. So they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk! This program was one of the best investments of my time I have ever made!

Jasmine Dunn

Leave It At Your Door, LLC

The Thrive Program taught me all the things I needed to know to run my business correctly. I was good at getting money, but not the right way. I was ready to go back to my old ways which would have landed me back in the prison system before joining the program because I had no support system, no one to lean on, vent to, or get help from. Now I have a family of Thrivers who support me and my business and I am confident that because of this program, I will be successful and able to be a contributing member of my community.

James Roets

Kilarado’s Finest, LLC

The amount of knowledge that I obtained was way more than I accepted. I really thought I had a solid base for business but after the Thrive program I graduated with a much greater understanding of business and the requirements that it takes to truly own a business. As far as the network that I had was mainly friends and family but after Thrive My network had grown in leaps and bounds. Between the Thrive leadership and students to the Networking events required.

Tony Cobb

COBB Auto Works

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