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How We Impact Individuals

Personal Growth – Our program provides opportunities to discover and share values, passions, and traditions in families; empower individuals to see how they can succeed in their personal and professional lives; build self-worth and confidence by encouraging the fulfillment of their dreams and seeing their potential. 

Generational Wealth – Our participants learn to create good personal spending habits and financial stability, gain access to capital for business launch or growth, and create opportunities to build investments and retirement from revenue generated. The median net worth of a business owner is 2.5 times higher than non-business owners.

Empowered Communities – Our participants build support systems and communities in and between Cohorts, develop meaningful connections with mentors, instructors and other community leaders, contribute to the positive economic growth of communities through generated revenue, job creation, and sales tax collection and invest in community lead change through leadership opportunities and involvement in boards and committees.

Business Longevity – Incubator programs, like ours, make businesses 40% more likely to be successful after 2 years in business. Additionally, the support you receive from the organization and individuals who are a part of the Thrive community is life long – “Once a Thriver, Always a Thriver!”

How We Build Communities

  • Businesses with 5 or fewer employees make up 90% of the nation’s businesses and create jobs for more than 32 million individuals.

  • Entrepreneurship increases economic inclusion when background, education and household needs create barriers to financial stability (Association for Enterprise Opportunity).

  • The median net worth of a business owner is 2.5 times higher than non-business owners.

  • Small businesses help maintain the cultural identify of communities.

Impact Report

Fiscal Year 2022-2023: Web | PDF

Fiscal Year 2021-2022: Web | PDF

Tax Forms

2022 Tax Form 990 – The Thrive Network: Web | PDF

2021 Tax Return – The Thrive Network: Web | PDF

2020 Tax Return – The Thrive Network Web | PDF

2019 Tax Return – The Thrive Network: Web | PDF

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