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Startup Showcase

Welcome to the 2023 Startup Showcase

Be uplifted by the remarkable emerging businesses in Colorado Springs. Witness the dedication of these visionary founders who have committed the last four months to creating solutions to problems within their communties.  Tune in to support their journey towards making a diff positive difference!

Let’s get this party started!

Enjoy videos in a more immersive experience by pressing the play button and then clicking the full-screen icon located at the bottom right of the video player. If you’re eager to discover more, including the pitch decks, simply click “connect” beneath each company’s description. Happy exploring!

Shequan Smith: Owner and Founder of Mentally Ill Custom Printing

“Our mission is to elevate mental health awareness in under-resourced communities through the creative expression of customized apparel. With unwavering dedication, we aim to cultivate understanding, compassion, and support for mental health, through customized apparel, community-driven events, and authentic connections, making a meaningful impact on the well-being of those often overlooked.”

Jennifer Basco: Owner and Founder of Silver Sparrow Coaching

Jennifer Basco

“My mission is to help every client find their dream, their purpose, and to move towards it with conviction. I want to turn every lost job-seeker into an empowered, confident professional without compromising their identity or self worth.

Working with me will help you rediscover what you already know:

You are the master of your own career. “

Brandi Saunders: Owner and Founder of Body Works by B

Brandi Saunders

Brandi Saunders is a native of Colorado Springs, CO. A graduate of Intellitec Medical Institute in 2014.

Brandi has been working as a licensed massage therapist till present. She has mastered neuromuscular therapy, self-modified with a Swedish feel to it. She enjoys deep tissue work, focused on passive stretching, bringing the body back to homeostasis

Lisa Bischoff: Owner and Founder of Fit2Xist

Lisa Bischoff

Imagine a life where you break free from the chains of your past, where old wounds no longer hold you back, and where your inner demons are silenced. Our inner healing and coaching services are your path to this kind of freedom. 

With our guidance, you’ll discover the strength to heal from deep-seated pain and trauma, allowing you to embrace life with newfound courage and resilience. You’ll shed the layers of doubt and self-criticism, stepping into your true, empowered self. 

Dominique Thompson: Owner and Founder of Glowing Lotus

Dominique Thompson

“We embark on a mission to address the pressing mental health challenges faced by individuals in Colorado, a state with a mental illness prevalence rate of 19.55%, ranking third-highest in the country. Our commitment is fueled by the understanding that 57.8 million adults in the United States, representing 22.8% of the population, grapple with Any Mental Illness (AMI). Amidst this landscape, our transformative wellness haven shines brightly as a beacon of hope and healing.

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