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About Us

The Thrive Network’s goal is to eliminate economic barriers by providing people in communities with tools to activate and launch their own success, primarily through entrepreneurship. We achieve this goal through teaching those within communities to see their problems as economic opportunities, and providing a framework to launch small businesses to address those needs.

Empower your community by investing in its potential, fostering a legacy of positive impact that resonates across generations.

Our Mission

Engaging, Educating and Empowering Individuals to Unlock Their Potential, Build Resilient Businesses and Strengthen Under Resourced Communities Through Entrepreneurship. The Thrive Networks is deeply rooted in the community, formed out of a need identified by the community members of Southeast Colorado Springs.

Our Values


We believe everyone should be free to activate possibilities and dreams regardless of education level, criminal history, income level, and race. We create inclusive spaces where diversity is celebrated and each person is encourage to contribute to the overall success of the program and all the participants.


We intentionally take part in conversations and participate in community groups and events that effect the local small business landscape. We advocate for the community we serve and approach all activities with the intention of creating opportunities that provide equal access for those we serve.

Providing Opportunity:


We believe equipping individuals with the mindset and skills needed to address needs in their neighborhoods and generating a profit from their efforts is the cornerstone of building a self-sustaining ecosystem that will enrich the life of each community as a whole;

Meet our Team and learn how to get involved.

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