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Empowering southern Colorado with fresh produce and food knowledge

(SECURITY-WIDEFIELD, Colo.) — Amidst the temptation of fast-food chains, a new neighborhood grocery store in southern Colorado aims to prioritize proper nutrition and deliver farm-fresh produce.

Fueling one’s body properly has been the mission of Elena Salinas, who hopes to bridge the gap between fresh food access in food deserts. She began this journey by running a mobile grocery store and sourcing fresh produce from local vendors.

“Starting off as a mobile grocery store and making sure I was popping up in parks and schools and community centers and making those connections with different neighborhoods and just seeing that this is where we needed to stay and be, we weren’t going to go anywhere else.”

In November, Salinas turned her vision into a storefron opening up A Fresh Move Neighborhood Grocery Store becoming one of the few options available in the area for groceries. Currently, when looking on the map for grocery stores in Security-Widefield there are limited options with a Walmart Supercenter, Dollar General, and Safeway.

“We are in Security-Widefield, and this is actually a food desert here in southern Colorado Springs, one of the major food deserts,” Salinas said. “So it was really important that we put a fresh food grocery store in a neighborhood that really needs it.”

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